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The Flying Squirrel

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Product Description

You can throw these flying squirrels or use them as a tug. They are made out of the same great leather as our Kat Rats. All the batches of our leather are a little different, so your flying squirrel will have it’s own look and personality! All squirrels now have tug tails.

Warning: Natural hide is very temping to dogs. Kat-Rat toys are intended for training rewards and supervised play only.

Additional Information

Weight 1 lbs

No, Yes

Tug Tail?

No, Yes

1 review for The Flying Squirrel

  1. Kristy Astry
    5 out of 5


    My dog Kellan loves his flying squirrel! It’s his absolute favorite toy. He’s an inquisitive young Belgian Sheepdog who revels in destroying his toys – probably to see what’s inside – but he hasn’t destroyed his flying squirrel! Even my older Belgian Sheepdog Star grabs the flying squirrel and plays tug o war with Kellan. 5 stars!

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