Lana Richardson

I am a Colorado native and was born with a creative and artistic spirit coupled with an absolute love of animals.

I have always struggled to find the time to pursue everything I feel I must do including music (classical piano), training and showing horses, graphic design, physical fitness, fashion design, cooking, and now dog agility.

I was a Vidal Sassoon trained hair stylist for 20 years and still do a few haircuts for select people. (my poor husband always looks scraggly though) I was forced to make a dress in my junior high home-ec class and vowed when I got an F that I would never again go near a sewing machine and I never did until about 18 years ago after I met my husband Skip Richardson.

It was the early 90s and ‘Richardson’s Western Supply” in Falcon, CO was a small saddle and tack shop. Skip and two other guys were making halters, saddle pads, horse blankets and other things as well as saddle repair. It was very impressive to me that these men could make all that cool stuff and at some point I was inspired to tackle my sewing machine phobia. I borrowed my mother’s machine and in private during my free time I made a shirt for myself. Eventually Skip let me sew on one of his industrial machines and it didn’t take long before I was hooked. After I quit my hair business and started working for him I began making my own horse gear and it was pretty crappy at first but he taught me some refining techniques and I taught myself how to tool leather.

Over time I became pretty good at figuring out any sewing machine and making almost anything. I decided to get into dog agility a couple years ago when my puppy Rocky was 6 months old.

One thing led to another and I was soon making dog toys to use as training rewards. After Katrina Scott, my instructor encouraged me and gave me new ideas, including the rats, I decided to call them Kat Rats in her honor. She loves my rats and sells a lot of them for me. Thanks Kat!